Congratulations! you have just made your 2nd step towards being successful in your moshling garden! Try some of these out! Then, check out what some of the moshlings look like. Find out on the next tab called, "moshling pics".
Below is what plants you have to plant to grow certain moshlings. Please note that each recipe with a * next to it means that only members can get that moshling.
common moshlings
chop chop - any 3 dragon fruits
gingersnap - any magic bean, any love berry, any hot silly pepper
squidge -  any star flower, any hot silly pepper, any dragon fruit
snookums - any 3 star flowers
gigi - blue hot silly pepper, red moon flower, yellow hot silly pepper
general fuzuki - yellow love berry, purple star flower, red hot silly pepper
gurgle - red dragon fruit,yellow magic bean, purple love berry
*shishi - black crazy daisy, yellow hot silly pepper, red dragon fruit
oddie - yellow star flower, black star flower, purple star flower
big bad bill - yellow love berry, black star flower, blue star flower
*cutie pie -  pink star flower, blue dragon fruit, purple crazy daisy
* I.G.G.Y. - 2 purple crazy daisies, black moon flower
DJ quack - any dragon fruit, any moon flower, any star flower
stanley - any 2 love berries, any dragon fruit
purdy - any dragon fruit, any moon flower, any dragon fruit
* humphrey - any crazy daisy, any magic bean, any hot silly pepper
angel - any magic bean, any 2 hot silly peppers
uncommon moshlings
kissy - purple star flower, blue/yellow star flower, red/purple/yellow/black magic bean
lady meowford - blue moon flower, pink moon flower, yellow/purple star flower
dipsy - red/pink moon flower, black/yellow moon flower, yellow/red love berry
shelby - black dragon fruit, blue dragon fruit, yellow/blue magic bean
doris - any 3 moon flowers except for blue
blurp - purple moon flower, pink love berry, black love berry/blue moon flower
sooki-yaki - purple hot silly pepper, red magic bean, yellow magic bean or red magic bean/yellow or purple magic bean/black hot silly pepper
* priscilla - yellow snap apple, red moon flower, blue moon flower
rare moshlings
pooky - black magic bean, yellow magic bean, blue magic bean
*coolio - pink snap apple, yellow star flower, any love berry
fumble - red star flower, yellow love berry, red star flower/yellow magic bean or yellow love berry, blue star flower,yellow magic bean
mr. snoodle - red hot silly pepper, purple magic bean, blue hot silly pepper
* honey - yellow love berry, blue snap apple, purple magic bean
hansel - blue/purple dragon fruit, black magic bean, black moon flower
ecto - red love berry, black love berry, pink/yellow/blue hot silly pepper
tiki - red/purple star flower, pink love berry, red love berry or purple love berry, blue star flower, red love berry
peppy - red/black moon flower, purple moon flower, yellow magic bean
cali - blue love berry, pink/purple magic bean, yellow love berry
* jeepers - pink love berry, red/pink crazy daisy, blue snap apple
professor purplex - red/blue/yellow dragon fruit, pink love berry, yellow moon flower
ultra rare moshlings
  - pink love berry, purple/black dragon fruit, red star flower
burnie - 2 red snap apples, blue crazy daisy